Artists // Ghost Palace Records


Daniel Benyamin // Ghost Palace Records

Daniel Benyamin

Daniel Benyamin is a singer, songwriter, producer and composer. He plays several instruments. He devotes himself to a wide variety of musical styles such as indie, pop, jazz and classical.

Devin Heat // Ghost Palace Records

Devin Heat

Devin Heat unpretentiously combines rumbling rock anthems with gentle lofi folk songs. His music sounds grown-up, timeless and almost out of time – and that in the best sense.

The Doctorella // Ghost Palace Records

The Doctorella

With their band The Doctorella, the sisters Kersty Grether and Sandra Grether combine tongue-in-cheek campy and poetic lyrics with (Dream-)Pop and New Wave music.

Jules Maxwell

Jules Maxwell is a songwriter and composer, best known for his work with Dead Can Dance, Foy Vance and the 1998 Oscar-nominated short film “Dance Lexie Dance”.

Kitty Solaris // Ghost Palace Records

Kitty Solaris

Kitty Solaris sounds almost like a grunge Lana Del Rey; it’s dark and moody, it’s rock ‘n’ roll, and it’s absolutely sublime.

Mummy's a Tree // Ghost Palace Records

Mummy’s a tree

Mummys a Tree’s music is rocking, sensual, goes deep and touches the hearts of people in front of the speakers. Therapeutic and uplifting.

Vincent von Flieger // Ghost Palace Records

Vincent von Flieger

The Nuremberg musician combines intelligent songwriting with electronic finesse and melancholic guitar playing. The result is “Ghost Pop” in its purest form.