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About the Artist

Kitty Solaris is a well known berlin singer/songwriter following the footsteps of her alltime favorites Velvet Underground, Patty Smith and Catpower. In her kitchen in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, she developed her very unique style, playing meditative, mellow and melancholic songs on her electric guitar accompanied by her tender voice.


She is the Indie Queen of Berlin, a musical shapeshifter, a voice for empowerment, or just one of the most daring musicians/producers working today.

About the Music

Kitty Solaris releases her music on her own do-it-yourself-label founded in 2007, Solaris Empire, and is because of that not only a very active musician but also the boss of a cool cult label. When she released the album My Home Is My Disco in 2009, Gordon Raphael, producer of The Strokes, supported her on several recordings. Her music reaches out far beyond the borders of Germany and she’s been on tour through Europe several times. The latest albums “Sunglasses” and “Girls & Music” combine unique lyrics and guitar with electronic music. And now we are waiting for the upcoming album “James Bond” in summer 2024.

Kitty Solaris // Ghost Palace Records


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