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About the Artist

The Doctorella is a four-piece Berlin band full of enthusiasm and charismatic appearance. Their stage shows are exciting, electrifying and full of vigor and sing-along appeal. They can do guitar rock and they can ironize guitar rock at the same time, like in the new song “Saint White Male,” in which glam rock and pop melodies merge into a stormy “Fuck you”; in this sense similar to their role models Sleater Kinney. Their poetic lyrics are heartwarming, political and campy.
The Doctorella’s songwriters and singers are the sisters Sandra Grether (guitar) and Kersty Grether (keys), who are also authors and activists and are among the most important voices of pop feminism in German-speaking countries.

About the Music

The Doctorella are drastic, imaginative dream pop hymns, in detail: multi-verse noise rock songs with trappy lyrics; these are croony riot grrrl chansons with discourse rock slogans. There are galloping guitar riffs as well as contemplative plucked ones on the acoustic also do the big ballads, including piano or with touching string arrangements. With emotional precision, The Doctorella translate words and sounds into movements, with melting and magic in their voice
The Doctorella // Ghost Palace Records


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