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About Us

Ghost Palace Manifest

In the last few years, the appearance of the music industry has changed entirely. Music can be consumed and published more independently and freely than ever.

At the same time, it seems as if the sense of togetherness, the appreciation of art, individuality, quality and the international reference, as some may know it from the DIY-scene (70s-90s), seems to have disappeared.

While these developments take place, a group of musicians made a decision: It was time to form a label that brings back this very spirit into the present. Ghost Palace was born.

Ghost Palace  is a tribute to the good old times, dusting off only the good and think new or leave behind the outdated.

At Ghost Palace artists are in an environment where everyone cares for each other and is individually so different that there can’t be any form of competition.

The listeners can rely blindly on the label and its quality. We and our networks excel in political and societal inspired contents and operate internationally, forming a vision of how the music scene of the future can look like.

Ghost Palace thinks and acts non-profit. Our ultimate goal is, that the artists can live off of their art. The artists signed by the label get 100% of the generated revenues. Since the label does not make money because of its voluntary structure, the artists not only have artistical but also structural freedom.

Together with Cargo Records as distributor, Ghost Palace relies on collaborating with small record shops. As admirers of the art, we love small shops in which we can rummage and explore music together. We want to connect our collaborating shops und strengthen them by good pricing und giving some of them exclusive access to new releases.
Ghost Palace. A handmade label from and for musicians and music fans.