Vincent von Flieger // Ghost Palace Records

About the Artist

What was actually only planned as a very personal side project, led to 2 China tours in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong, to numerous performances at home and abroad and to festival appearances like Berlins Fusion Festival. Vincent von Flieger has matured as a musician and producer, creating an unmistakable and genuine stylistic intensity with his mix of singer-songwriter and electronic music.

About the Music

Thematically, the album is an attempt to explore the questions of our time. It is about reflections on climate, growth, digitalization, media overload, and the resulting call to action. Greenpeace contributed campaign material for the video of the first single “Alien.” Mechanisms of Maximalism: Pop in times of direct action.

The sound design in the final phase was done by producers working for artists like Bon Iver, Thom York or Frank Ocean. The result is a sound between modern pop, classical and electronic music.

Vincent von Flieger // Ghost Palace Records


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