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The idea behind the Ghost Palace Artist Society

On tour we are asked almost every night: How do you actually make ends meet as full-time artists? People are starting to realize that something is wrong. We’re all consuming more music than ever before – and yet being an artist is a dying profession.

Even before Covid, our profession was confronted with several crises. Music streaming, for example, meant the loss of an entire income stream. That’s why we decided to work with other musicians to create an unconditional basic income for artists. As we don’t have time to wait years for politicians, we are organizing ourselves on a private and artistic level.

The whole thing is called Ghost Palace Artist Society – in connection with our non-profit label Ghost Palace – and is a combination of an unconditional basic income and a subscription. The idea is that music lovers spend money on music (as they used to, but much less) and provide independent artists with financial security and artistic freedom through a basic income.

In return, they regularly receive exclusive music and art. In contrast to Patreon or crowdfunding, which are backed by corporations, the Artist Society is is non-profit-oriented and based on solidarity.

This means that the basic income is the same for everyone and whoever has more subscribers compensates those who earn less. The goal for 2024 is to secure the basic income of the first three artists. As soon as this goal is achieved, the second round opens with the next three artists.

We are pursuing both the goal, to win you as supporters on a long-term level, as well as to seek support from cultural initiatives in politics and society. In return, you will receive an exclusive work of art each year that is not available elsewhere, from the artist you support.

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