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  /  Solitarity
Daniel Benyamin // Solitarity // Ghost Palace Records
Artist: Daniel Benyamin
Genres: Dark Ambient, Experimental, Ghost Pop
Publisher: Ghost Palace Records
Release Date: 27/12/2020
01. Wings Download
02. Every Night I Fall Asleep With Your Smile On My Face Download
03. We Can Talk About It Download
04. Human Beijing Download
05. Happy Happy Download
06. I'll Be Near You Download
07. Open Your Door To The Light Download
08. This House Download
09. A Cake For A Stranger Download
10. Unknown Beasts Download
11. Murder On The Moon Download
12. You Stopped Loving Yourself Download

About The Release

The idea of the Solitarity Record was to avoid Streaming services and Internet and give Vinyl/CD listeners something only they have and maybe convince a couple of people to get their old record players out.
Maybe it’ s supposed to be a political statement, too that not everything should be for free in the music streaming world. You can listen to the record on bandcamp for 3 rounds and after that decide if you wanna buy it. Maybe we’ll put it online at some point later.

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